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Master Vendor

The purpose of the Master Vendor is to simply manage all activities of 2nd tier or even 3rd tier suppliers to a dedicated provision of learning & development training to the client.

Managing all the day to day activity the Master Vendor oversees this operation allowing the client to dedicate their resources to more profitable areas of their business, the benefits of which are:

•             Outsourcing training reduces overheads

•             Enables you to reallocate personnel to core business activities

•             Protection from fluctuating economic conditions

•             Seamless integration with existing structures and processes

•             Information and knowledge-base consistency

•             Best training practices embedded across the organisation

•             Delivers the exact level of support you require

•             Increased visibility of training requirements

•             Significant increase on ROI

•             Risk transfer

•             Cost savings from single source invoicing

•             Dramatic time savings

•             Zero impact from holidays and sickness

•             Eliminates fragmented training approaches

•             Increases the efficiency and effectiveness of learning & development

•             Access to funding streams