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Managed Services

Outsourcing training activities enables organisations to take advantage of a whole host of benefits and it is fast becoming the preferred model among organisations looking to focus on their core competencies as well as reduce risk, decrease costs and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all training activities.

Many companies focus on course price when measuring training spend, but they often fail to recognise that the majority of their training cost is swallowed up by the management, co-ordination and administration involved in delivering learning and development activities which is where outsourcing training becomes important and cost effective.

For large organisations these ancillary costs are significant and often have a negative impact on training budgets and training schedules. Inefficient training and management processes are a sure-fire recipe for wasting money.

By outsourcing training to ‘Outsource Training’ we deliver the expert management of bespoke training packages that will help your business and staff to thrive. This can include everything from backroom administrative support right through to learning and development strategy planning. Our expertise and flexible client-focused approach can support all your outsourcing training requirements.