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Master Vendor

A Master Vendor solution involves a single supplier acting as the primary contact with the client, managing all training activity including secondary suppliers.  

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Managed Service

Three factors are raising training to the very top of company agendas; companies need talent for competitive edge, demand for talent exceeds supply, skills are becoming out-dated quickly.

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Data Management

For the past five years Outsource Training has been developing a bespoke database which customers can access via the web. The new resource provides excellent data management and reporting facilities.

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Why Us for Managed Outsourced Training Services

Great consideration must be placed upon understanding that one size doesn’t fit all, that’s why at C&G Services we recognise & work with companies of all sizes to deliver a bespoke training solution that fits their needs accurately.

Too much time is spent now by other ‘managed service providers’ talking about being vendor independent being an advantage or a reason they should be more trusted. We believe this to be complete fallacy. With our background in training and ONLY training you can be assured of a company that understands their subject thoroughly.

We specialise purely in training. Our history, our life, our people are all about training. With our pedigree we understand what a client needs both in terms of the quality of service and cost.

With so many 3rd party companies providing solutions for training requirements it’s refreshing to know that rather than deal with yet another intermediary you can deal with one specialist from beginning to end.

We don’t do anything else – we just deliver training. What does this mean to you? Our focus is 100% on providing the very best training solution possible nothing more nothing less.